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  • January 6th Truth & Light Freedom Festival

    America has forgotten what Independence Day is all about! Unbeknownst to many, we have political prisoners in the United States and their constitutional rights are being severely violated! We truly have a two-tiered justice system where American citizens are being persecuted based on their political beliefs. Some are still unjustly and cruelly incarcerated, on home arrest awaiting trial, pushed to take an unfair plea deal, subjected to a sham of a trial in the DC swamp. The families and loved ones of these politically persecuted patriots are suffering after losing, in many cases their primary source of income. Many of those who are not incarcerated, have nevertheless lost their jobs or businesses. YOU cannot let these wonderful American patriots be forgotten! We are holding a festival/retreat in Missouri July 2-3, 2022 to raise awareness for the January 6th Political Prisoners as well as provide a retreat for January 6th Patriots and their loved ones.

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    Want to Help Support/Fund this event?

    Attendance Application for J6Truth event

    Springfield, MO July 2nd & 3rd

    After we review your submission, we will send you payment information.

    Suggested Donation for the event:

    $50 per family

    $20 for Individual

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    Waiver of Liabilities: *
    Attendees of this private event agree to take personal responsibility for this family event and will not hold event organizers liable for any damages or injuries that may occur during the 4th of July retreat and celebration. By completing this application, I forfeit all right to bring suit against the event organizer for any reason.
  • #Justiceforashli



    Let us remember our January 6th Brothers & Sisters

    and those who served this country.

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    jake LaNG'S BOOK


    After over 730 days awaiting trial, Jake has come forward to give the American people a glimpse into the intense struggle of the modern day patriot!